Why Maternity?

At this point in my business, everything I do needs to have a “why.” I have become very focused and intentional in what I offer and who I serve. This focus allows me to serve my clients well and always be inspired in my work, so when I add a service it has to excite me and have a purpose. I felt drawn to capturing true love and emotion, which made me want to pursue wedding photography. Love is also why I have decided to offer maternity sessions with my brand. I have always wanted to be a mother and I absolutely cherish family. Beginning a family and the role of motherhood are some of the strongest forms of love accessible to us on this Earth. Children are a wonderful gift from God. The emotions and love that surround pregnancy are worth capturing. I want to document the love you share with your spouse, the love that will bring a new life into this world. I want to capture the love you already feel for the little one you will soon meet and the excitement of two becoming three. Motherhood is an absolutely beautiful and remarkable story of love and I am ready to tell yours.